A Bit About Me

Some info about me

Over a journey of more than 10 years as Interactive Designer, I learned many techniques and proficiency in user-centric design.

My career started as a Front-end developer and progressively I moved ahead as UX expert and Agile Product Owner. The MSc in Marketing was the perfect complement in my career in order to have more insights about the clients and business.

My strong background from code languages, experience design and digital marketing made me a recognised leader. Always applying new techniques, strategies and efficiency methodologies I have started giving training inside the company and outside as volunteer and mentor in multiple schools.

What Can I Do?

I’m Daniel Peixoto, a UI / UX Designer, Front-end Developer and Digital Marketeer living and working in Dublin, Ireland.
I have a passion to understand the digital behaviour of users/consumers to create clean, unique, elegant and functional designs in order to respond effectively to requests.

The knowledge in usability, accessibility, consumer behaviour, UI/UX design and programming languages allows me to perform tasks from the process of prototyping and development until the promotion of digital product.

I believe that the combination of my knowledge is essential for creating a product focused on customer needs.


UX Design 95%
UX Research 80%
Front-End Developer 70%
Graphic designer 60%
Marketeer 70%
Video producer 40%

Why I am considered a good asset for your company?

  • High motivation and dedication in all projects.
  • Multi-skilled in different areas. (Interactive design, Usability, Graphic design, Digital Marketing, IT development, Video and Audio production)
  • Creative, every time with open mind and total receptive to new ideas from my colleagues.
  • Leadership and Experience in management of teams with different skills and expectations/goals.
  • High-degrees and an extensive number of professional courses and certifications.
  • International experience with multiple teams. (US, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, UK, Austria, Italy, Switzerland etc)
  • Experience with different types of companies, from start-ups to big IT/Financial companies.

How do I do it?

The methodology that I use for the UX process
  • Research

    Identify my key users, their needs and the tasks they perform, using a mic of quantitative and qualitative research methods.

  • Design

    Create various prototypes of divergent design solutions, to be tested with these key users.

  • Iterate

    Modify designs after each round of testing, so that the winning solution is completely validated.

Core Knowledge

UX Specialist & UX Researcher


I am responsible for setting up, running, and reporting on all aspects of qualitative and quantitative user experience research. The main goal is to develop a deeper understanding of the user/clients and deliver findings that can translate insights into action. I have a strong work experience with marketing, product management and development teams in order to create best solutions. Iam responsible to set and document the vision for the user experience, serving as a user/client advocate to ensure the highest level of usefulness, desirability and user/client satisfaction.
UI Specialist

Digital Interfaces

I am in charge of designing each screen or page with which a user interacts and ensuring that the UI visually communicates the path that a UX designer has laid out. One of the examples is the of an analytics dashboard might front load the most important content at the top, or decide whether a slider or a control knob makes the most intuitive sense to adjust a graph.

Extra Knowledge


Front-End Developer

I am responsible for creating a functional implementation of a product’s interface. This functional implementation comes after the UX studies and the UI interfaces

Graphic Designer


My main focus as graphic design is on crafting beautiful icons, controls, and visual elements and making use of suitable typography.
Video Specialist

Podruction & Post-Production

As a video specialist I consider an intrinsic storyteller, collaborative team member, stickler for details, creative thinker and executor in the
Digital Marketeer


As a digital marketer I am responsible for building awareness, providing research to prospects, and driving qualified prospects to conversions.